Test equipment

Analogue Insulation/Continuity Tester.
Model: 3132A
-Dust and Drip Proof Construction
-Compact and Lightweight
-Live Circuit Warning Buzzer and Neon Lamp
-Automatic Discharge

-Insulation-PreTest™ safety function NEW
-Insulation at L-N, L-PE, N-PE inputs NEW
-Auto Test sequence NEW
-Loop and line resistance—mΩ resolution
-Continuity at L-N, L-PE, N-PE inputs NEW
-Test smooth dc sensitive RCDs (Type B/B+)
-Earth resistance
-Voltage trms (ac and dc) and frequency
-Wiring polarity checker, detects broken PE and N wires
-Insulation resistance
-Continuity and resistance
-Measure motor windings with continuity test (@ 10 mA)
-Loop and line resistance
-Prospective Earth Fault Current (PEFC/IK)
-Prospective Short-Circuit Current (PSC/IK)
-RCD trip time
-RCD trip current (ramp test)
-Measures trip time and current for RCD type A and AC in one test
-RCD variable test current
-Automatic RCD test sequence
-Phase sequence test

VoltAlert with sound.
Non-contact voltage detection:
-200V AC to 1000V AC
-Sound when voltage present
-Light when voltage present
-Voltbeat™ Technology: unit health indicator

AC Voltage Detector
Model: UT12D-EU
-Detection voltage range: 24V-1000V AC
-Frequency range: 50Hz/60Hz
-Operation mode: Automatic induction
-Spotlight flashlight: Yes
-Audible (buzzer) and visual (LED) indication
-Auto power off: about 5 minutes
-Low battery indication: <2.4V
-Safety rating: CATIV 1000V, class 2, double insulation
-Operating temp: 0dC – 50dC
-Relative humidity < 80% non-condensing
-Operating altitude: 2000m

Digital Clamp Meters
Model: UT202F
-AC current (A): 600A
-AC current frequency (Hz): 50Hz-100-Hz
-DC volatge (V): 600V
-AC voltage (V): 600V
-AC voltage freq (Hz): 10(Hz)- 10(KHz)
-Resistance (Ω): 60ΜΩ
-Frequency (hz): 10Hz-10MHz
-Duty ratio (%): Yes
-NCV: Yes
-Continuity test: Yes
-Diode test: Yes
-REL: Yes
-Display count: 6000
-Auto power off: Yes
-Backlight: Yes
-Drop test: 1m
-Safety Class: CATII 600V/CATIII 300V

Pocket Size Digital Multieters
Model: UT125C
-DC(V): 600V
-AC(V): 600V
-Resistance (Ω): 40ΜΩ
-Capacitance (F): 100μF
-AC/DC current (μA): 4000μA
-AC/DC current (mA): 400mA
-Frequency (hz): 60kHz
-Duty cycle: Yes
-Continuity Test: Yes
– Diode test: Yes
-NCV: Yes
-Select function: Yes
-Data hold: Yes
-Backlight: Yes
-Drop test: 1m
-Display count: 4000
-Safety rating: CAT III 600V

Palm size Multimeters
Model: UT131B
-DC volatge (V): 250V
-AC voltage (V): 250V
-DC current (A): 10A
-Resistance (Ω): 20ΜΩ
-Battery test: 1.5V/9V/12V
-Max display: 1999
-Auto Power off: Yes
-Backlight Auto Off: Yes
-Diode test: Yes
-Continuity buzzer: Yes
-Drop Test: 2m
-Test probe holder: Yes
-Safety Rating: CAT II 250V
-Range Selection: Manual

Multifunction Voltage Testers
Model: UT15C
-Voltage measurement ACV:+-(3%+8)
-Voltage measurement ACV:+-(3%+8)
-LCD display voltage: Yes
-LED display voltage: Yes
-Phase rotation indication: Yes
-Single lead(L2) voltage detection: Yes
-Continuity test: Yes
-Work light: Yes
-Beeper indication: Yes
-Low battery indication: Yes