RCD add-on module + MCB 2P 10kA Single Phase:
-RCD+MCB 2P 20(A) (single phase).
-RCD+MCB 2P 32(A) (single phase).
-RCD+MCB 2P 40(A) (single phase).

RCD add-on module + MCB 4P 10kA ThreePhase:
-RCD+MCB 4P 20(A) (three phase).
-RCD+MCB 4P 32(A) (three phase).
-RCD+MCB 4P 40(A) (three phase).
-RCD+MCB 4P 50(A) (three phase).
-RCD+MCB 4P 63(A) (three phase).

Switch Disconnectors:
-Main (Isolator) 2Pole 63A.
-Main (Isolator) 4Pole 63.
-Main (Isolator) 4Pole 100A.

Miniature Circuit Breakers 1P:
-MCB 6(A) 6kA 1pol. TypeC.
-MCB 10(A) 6kA 1pol. TypeC.
-MCB 16(A) 6kA 1pol. TypeC.
-MCB 20(A) 6kA 1pol. TypeC.
-MCB 32(A) 6kA 1pol. TypeC.

Miniature Circuit Breakers 2P:
-MCB 20(A) 6kA 2pol. TypeC.
-MCB 25(A) 6kA 2pol. TypeC.
-MCB 32(A) 6kA 2pol. TypeC.
-MCB 40(A) 6kA 2pol. TypeC.

Miniature Circuit Breakers 3P:
-MCB 20(A) 6kA 3pol. TypeC.
-MCB 32(A) 6kA 3pol. TypeC.
-MCB 40(A) 6kA 3pol. TypeC.

Miniature Circuit Breakers 4P:
– MCB 20(A) 10kA 4pol TypeC.
– MCB 32(A) 10kA 4pol TypeC.
– MCB 40(A) 10kA 4pol TypeC.

Residual Current Breaker with Over-Current 1P:
-RCBO 6(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeC
-RCBO 10(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeC
-RCBO 16(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeC
-RCBO 20(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeC
-RCBO 32(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeC

Residual Current Breaker with Over-Current:
-RCBO 6(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeB
-RCBO 10(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeB
-RCBO 16(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeB
-RCBO 20(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeB
-RCBO 32(A) 1P+N 30mA AC TypeB

Residual Current Circuit breaker 2P:
– RCD 40(A) 30mA 2Pol A-Type.
– RCD 63(A) 300mA 2pol A-Type.
– RCD 40(A) 300mA 2pol A-Type.

Residual Current Circuit breaker 4P:
– RCD 40(A) 30mA 4Pol A-Type.
– RCD 40(A) 300mA 4Pol A-Type.
– RCD 63(A) 300mA 4pol A-Type.